The Blue Green Hat

I’m not sure I remember my  first piece of patagonia clothing. I do remember going home for Thanksgiving in 2014 and it being really cold. I needed to borrow a hat. I went through the drawer where my mother keeps her extra warm hats and gloves for people to use in the winter. I pulled out the blue and green patagonia hat and asked if I could wear it. I used it the whole trip and asked if I could take it with me. My mom was okay with it, but my little brother, Alex, was not. He said the hat was special and it belonged to the family and the house and I couldn’t just take it. He made up some story about its significance, which I’m pretty sure was fake.

Still, it got me to think about how certain pieces of clothing have a story. The really good pieces of clothing have many stories, over many years. Most of my clothes didn’t. Much of my clothes served there purpose and were recycled or thrown out. I was tired of that. I wanted my clothes to be better. I did a bit of research and found out about Patagonia’s gaurentee on their products. More research uncovered more interesting details about the company.

I was particularly struck by an add they took out in a newspaper where they told people not to buy their new jacket. The subtext was don’t buy it if you already have one that works, but still. What kind of company out there tells you to be careful when buying their products?

So it started with a blue green hat. Now a large portion of my clothes shopping is done at Patagonia. I wear my patagonia gear with pride.

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