The Better Sweater

Today I’m wearing my hooded better swearer. I love this two tone masterpiece. It is comfortable as well as fashionable.

The Better Sweater line is designed to be a semi-warm fleece that performs better than standard fleece. For men, it comes in a bunch of different cuts. There is the hoodie version, the quarter zip, the full zip, a vest, and the performance version. Having tried all, the only one that is a little hard to wear is the quarter zip as it requires you to pull it over your head to put it on and take it off. The fabric is great but does develop some pilling. You can use a Sweater stone to remove unwanted pills.

The Better Sweater was one of the first pieces I bought from Patagonia and probably the only line I’ve fully tried out. I’m a huge fan and I continue to wear them weekly. 

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