Patagonia Sleeping Bag

I was in the Seattle trip with my brother during our road trip last year when I saw Patagonia’s sleeping bag / down parka combo for the first time. Patagonia was solving the problem of the extreme alpinist by creating a kit that would pack to minimal but still be warm. The kit required the use of the parka in order for the sleeping bag to work. Well, they’ve removed that requirement and are now shipping a Patagonia Branded Sleeping bag:

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.51.14 PM

At about $400 it’s a little more expensive than my existing bag, but you get a full down bag, and you get the Patagonia Tracable Down promise which will make you feel better about your purchase. There are some interesting features of the bag like: a footbox for more comfort, minimalist stitching to keep the weight down. It comes in three sizes, I’d be a regular if anyone wants to send me one!

Here is the video they made abotu the bag:



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