The Dare

It started while we were shooting(with cameras) waterfalls outside of Portland. I was very proud to be wearing entirely Patagonia for the first time that I could remember. From the head down to the boots, everything was made by Patagonia. “You are such a Patagonia Fan Boy” one of my friends said. I had to agree.

That’s when I bought the website.

I also started taking pictures in front of all the Patagonia stores.

This week, I’ve visited five new stores across the US. Three in the LA area, Dillion MT and St. Paul, MN. Each Patagonia store has a unique personality, but the staff is consistently friendly. When I walk in and ask for the sticker and say that I’m collecting, they are often shocked about how many stores I’ve visited. I’m going to start writing more about the individual stores, but I think it is at about 18 at this point. I’m more than half way there, with five more in my sights this month.

On the last part of the drive, I started listening to Let My Poeple Go Surfing and I feel more excited about my goal of visiting all the stores. The company is inspirational and they talk about how they try to keep a unique identity for each store. 

Hope this helps explain the photos on my Instagram.

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