Types of Patagonia Stores

Patagonia has a store map here:


You can find a bunch of different stores on it. When I tell people that I’m on my way to visit all the Patagonia stores in the US, they are often shocked to find out that there are only 30 (technically 31 if you count the work wear pop up in Washington) Patagonia owned and operated stores in the US. That owned and operated part is the kicker. There are several other types of stores out there.

There are corporate partnership stores. The store in Newport, RI is an example of this. This store is actually owned and operated by Team One (a wonderful gear shop where I have bought a lot of sailing gear over the years). They opened the store to carry more Patagonia clothing. Patagonia provides the gear for them, but doesn’t manage the store. It is a partnership.

There are also “Patagonia at” stores at many different ski resorts. The resorts own and operate the stores that sell Patagonia clothes. This is again a partnership, but Patagonia, the company, does not directly own these stores.

The number of retail stores that Patagonia owns and operates the US is 30 (or 31). If you go back to the map page above and turn off check boxes for “Dealers” and “Environmental Grantees” you can see all the stores that Patagonia actually owns and operates.

These are the stores I’m heading to, and I only have seven (or eight, or technically nine) left.

Aside: this post was published because I felt like people had interest in this knowledge. I often times don’t know what of my Patagonia knowledge is worth sharing. If you have a question about Patagonia that you want answered send me an email at me@patagoniafanboy.com

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